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New for 2021: Cherry, Peach & Memphis Style BBQ Sauces

New for 2021: Cherry, Peach & Memphis Style BBQ Sauces

To kick off the start of BBQ season, we’re adding three new BBQ sauces to our line of gourmet grilling sauces and marinades. The three new flavor profiles are designed to complement our existing line of BBQ rubs, seasonings, and sauces.

Inspired by both regional and trending flavors, the sauces include tangy Memphis, Door County Cherry, and Peach Whiskey. The flavor profiles, which range from sweet to tangy, are versatile to slather on anything you’re throwing on the grill, from veggie kabobs to smoked pork shoulder.  

Based on the famed low and slow flavors of Southern BBQ, the Memphis King BBQ sauce is a tangy, vinegar-based blend made to pair with pulled pork, ribs and more. We love the tanginess it brings and its versatility! Try it on chicken thighs, pulled pork or even brisket.  


As one of the hottest flavors of the 2021, our Cherry Bomb sauce features a sweet and smoky combo of cherry juice, cherry pieces and chipotle pepper for a kick. We used real Door County Cherries for authentic cherry flavors, grown right in our own backyard. This sauce is absolutely delicious on everything and we know it’ll be a new favorite.  

Our Peach Buzz Bourbon BBQ Sauce was inspired by Southern BBQ flavors. With real peach juice and bourbon, plus cider vinegar and hickory smoke, this tangy and fruity sauce is the perfect pairing for pork chops, chicken and hams.  


The new sauces include:  

Cherry Bomb - Door County Cherry BBQ 
A true "pit" master knows that the cherry on top of any good BBQ is the sauce. That's why we bottled up Door County cherries and spices that are bursting with flavor. Not everyone is a master chef, but we should all eat like one. 
MSRP: $6.99 

Peach Buzz - Hickory Whiskey BBQ Sauce 
We like our BBQ like we like our peaches, juicy with a shot of flavor. This boozy & sweet sauce will leave them licking their lips and coming back for another shot of flavor. 
MSRP: $6.99 

Memphis King - Tangy BBQ Sauce 

You won’t be able to help falling in love with our Memphis-style BBQ sauce. Smoky, sweet and tangy, this sauce is sure to get you all shook up. Love it tender on ribs, chicken, pulled pork or any other legendary BBQ eats. 

MSRP: $6.99 

The sauces are available for individual purchase on or in wholesale quantities . For more information on wholesale orders, contact us at 

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