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Beyond the Blend: Original Jerky Recipe

Beyond the Blend: Original Jerky Recipe


Can never go wrong with a classic. Our Original Recipe Jerky seasoning has long been a favorite with customers, often surpassing new and more unusual flavor pairings. 

With a blend of flavors and seasonings specifically formulated to enhance the savory flavor of meat, our Original Recipe is a great blend to use for beef, venison and all other types of wild game jerky. 

"Really fantastic. Easy to make and love the seasoning mixture, great taste!"
-Jeff S., customer 

Flavor Profile 

Our Original Recipe is all about the umami savory flavor experience. While we can't give away all of our secrets, this balanced yet robust blend gives classic sweet and savory jerky flavors from a blend of:

Bay Leaf: When dried and powdered, the bay leaf has a herbal, slightly floral flavor, and somewhat similar to oregano and thyme.

Celery Seed: Celery seed gives this blend its distinctive earthy notes, similar to the fresh celery that we eat.

Onion: Onion adds a sweet and savory flavor that enhances the flavor of the beef. 

Worcestershire Sauce: This richly flavored sauce is a result of several fermented ingredients including vinegar, fermented onion and garlic, molasses, tamarind paste, cured anchovies, and a mix of rich spices. Worcestershire is a classic pairing with red meats like beef and venison, enhancing the flavor and adding depth. 

Hickory: A subtle hint of hickory smoke adds a robust flavor to your jerky, especially great if you're drying it in the oven or dehydrator. 

"It’s the best jerky seasoning I’ve ever used!" - Jeff W. 


The Original Recipe Jerky Kit comes complete with 3 pre-measured seasoning and cure packets for 5 lbs of meat each, for a total of 15 lbs. of meat. These packets can be used to make whole muscle or ground/formed jerky for beef, venison, fowl, pork, or other wild game jerky. 

For an extra kick of flavor, you can add pineapple juice, beer or even bourbon to your jerky marinade as part of your liquid/water mixture. If you like a sweet jerky, add brown sugar or red pepper for a kick. 



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