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Crushed Red Pepper Spice Jar

Red Pepper, Crushed

$ 4.99

Origin: North America, India

Crushed red pepper or pepper flakes are a product of red chili peppers. Chili Pepper, also known as Capsicum frutescens, are grown from perennial plants. The fruit of the plant typically begins as a pale yellow color until it matures to a bright red. The flakes are produced once the peppers have been dried and crushed. They contain a robust heat.

Crushed Red Pepper Uses:

  • Sausage making
  • Pizza topper
  • Pasta seasoning
  • Red pepper sauce
  • Hummus & dips
  • In marinades
  • Stews & soups
  • In Breads
  • In chocolate desserts
  • Stir-fry
  • Meatballs and ground meat recipes
  • Beef seasoning
  • Pepper jam
  • Potato topping
  • Pork roast seasoning

Recipes To Try Using Red Pepper, Crushed:

Chocolate Sriracha Truffles

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