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Fine Ground Paprika Spice Jar

Paprika, Fine Ground

$ 4.99

Origin: Hungary, Spain, North & South America

Paprika is produced from fully ripened air-dried chili peppers from the family of species known as Capsicum annuum. The peppers contain a rich red-orange color and vary in heat level. Once the peppers have gone through the drying process they are ground into a powder-like consistency which range in potency. 

Fine Ground Paprika Uses:

  • Chicken, steak & rib rub
  • In chili powder & seasoning blends
  • Sausage making
  • Sloppy Joe mix
  • Salmon & fish fillet seasoning
  • Spicy shrimp dishes
  • Ground meat seasoning
  • Stews, chili & soups
  • Bean dishes
  • Cheese spread, nachos & dip flavoring
  • Seasoned roasted potatoes
  • Seasoned breading
  • Quiche & egg bake
  • Flavor mac n' cheese
  • Spicy roasted vegetables
  • Snack mix seasoning
  • Seasoned roasted pumpkin seed & nuts

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