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Hearty All-Purpose Salt-Free Seasoning

Hearty All-Purpose Seasoning (Salt-Free)

$ 6.99

A balanced blend of seasonings - black pepper, paprika, garlic, hints of citrus and other spices. It's a salt-free way to season anything your heart desires.

Net. Wt. 2.25 oz.


Hearty All-Purpose Seasoning Uses:

  • Season steaks, roasts, burgers, chicken, turkey & wild game
  • Sprinkle over roasted vegetables
  • Season mashed potatoes
  • Mix into bread coating for fish or chicken for added flavor
  • Use in casseroles & baked dishes
  • Season eggs & egg dishes - omelets, quiches, fritattas
  • Sprinkle in soups & hearty stews or chowders

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