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Whole Coriander Spice Jar

Coriander, Whole

$ 3.99

Origin: Morocco, Europe

Coriander is the dried fruit of Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) plant. The dried seeds are a weak yellow-brown color and contain a fragrant, lemony scent with a warm, tangy citrus-like flavor. Originally harvested in the European region, today Coriander is grown for culinary use all over the world. The seeds are not often used whole in cooking, but instead, are ground when needed to freshness. 

Whole Coriander Uses:

  • In pickling spice & brines
  • Sausage Making
  • Chili and stews
  • Curry dishes
  • Bread & baked goods
  • Seasoning bean salads
  • Soups & chili flavoring
  • Pork, chicken & wild game rub
  • Beef pot roast
  • Marsala & tandoori dishes
  • Indian curries
  • Rice & couscous dishes
  • Gyros (Flavoring for lamb)
  • Sauces
  • Making spice rubs
  • Brewing Beer
  • Potpourri crafts

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