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Tellicherry Black Pepper Spice Jar

Black Pepper, Tellicherry

$ 10.99

Origin: India

Black pepper the unripe fruit that is harvested from a flowering vine known as Piper nigrum. Once the berries are picked, they are fermented and dried. Black Pepper is the spiciest from unripened berries and contains a sharp, pungent flavor that adds a spicy tang to any dish. Tellicherry peppers are native to the coast of India and are considered the world's finest pepper.

Tellicherry peppers are simply whole black peppercorns that are given longer life on the vine before they are picked.  The berries are larger than whole black peppercorns and develop a deep, rich and even sweet flavor. Typically tellicherry is ground using a spice mill to flavor foods.

Tellicherry Pepper Uses:

  • Sausage making
  • Ground for meat rub
  • Everyday table seasoning (spice mill)
  • Sauces, dressings & gravies
  • Pasta, rice & whole grain dishes
  • Casseroles & baked meals
  • Skillet, crock pot & slow cooker meals
  • Eggs, omelets & egg bake
  • Season for beef, lamb, pork, poultry, wild game, fish & seafood
  • Pairs well with all vegetable & potato

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