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Ground Bay Leaf Spice Jar

Bay Leaf, Ground

$ 4.99

Origin: Mediterranean, Turkey

Bay leaves are aromatic leaves that come from the bay laurel or sweet bay tree, Laurus nobilis. The leaves are dried and often placed whole in liquids to slowly release their pungent flavor. Whole leaves are extensively ground down to make ground bay leaf which has a milder flavor for a savory, earthy taste.

Ground Bay Uses:

  • Seasoning blends w/ thyme, parsley & rosemary
  • Breads & baking
  • Soups, stews and sauces
  • Fruit compote & pudding
  • Grain & lentil dishes
  • Braised lamb or pork
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Beef, wild game, poultry & seafood rub
  • Season artichokes, mushrooms, tomato dishes
  • Bean salads & side dishes
  • Rice dishes
  • Curries

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