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Rusty Ducworth


How long have you been cooking? 

7 years

How did you get interested or introduced to cooking?

It really is a phenomenon I haven't been able to figure out. I grew up around a family that did not do a lot of cooking in regard to from scratch type dishes. I met my wife in 2005 and she came from a family that farmed, and lived primarily off the land. The recipe book was an amazing thing to dive into. My wife did most of the cooking when we first started out and eventually I took the back of the mind interest I have always had for cooking and began letting her show me different things. I bought my first Big Green Egg and the journey began and I haven't looked back. I now do 90 percent of the cooking in our home.

What is your best food memory? 

My best food memory would have to be the days after my grandmothers death. In such a tragic time I was able to find some brightness. My grandfather, whom I never had the grand pleasure of meeting, was a swine farmer and it was said that he made some of the best sausage around. We all gathered at my grandmothers one afternoon day after my grandmothers death and we were going through things. I stumbled upon my grandfathers sausage recipe and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. I started gathering sausage making supplies and two years after discovering the recipe, I made my first batch. That first bite carried so many emotions.

What is your favorite PS Product so far? 

So far the Honky Tonk Nashville Hot Chicken

What would you want to have as your last meal?

Last meal would and will always be, fried chicken (leg and thigh) with a side of collard greens, and Hoppin John!!!

What dish/meal do you make on repeat?

Most cooked meal is probably our house grind brisket burgers with home cut fries. 


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