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Paul Jimenez


How long have you been cooking? 

15 years.

How did you get interested or introduced to cooking?

As a work from home Dad, I have been cooking for over 15 years but in recent years Cooking for me has become so therapeutic. Our family lost our 10 year old son Paulie to cancer 4 years ago. He helped me pick out my first Big Green Egg and together we built a stone table for it. I think of him every time I light the fire for a cook. I know he would be cooking right by my side just like his sisters, Edie and Juliette @littlejulesonthegrill - I cook with Passion and Purpose- To feed my family and friends well and to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer Research.

What is your best food memory? 

My favorite memory was the look on the faces of my very large extended family when they tasted my seafood Paella off the grill. It gives me a rush to make great food for family and friends and see them enjoy it.

What is your favorite PS Product and why? 

My Favorite PS product so far has to be Nashville Honky Tonk Hot Chicken seasoning.  They layers of sweet heat and smoke are just incredible. I find myself putting on much more than just chicken. Vegetables, French Fries, even popcorn. 

What would you want to have as your last meal?

A great grilled cheeseburger is near impossible to beat. The combination of grilled beef and cheese with fresh veggies on a soft bun is pretty much perfect. 

What dish/meal do you make on repeat?

I Like Pork Butts and I cannot lie.  We do Pulled Pork on a regular basis. It feeds plenty and the leftovers are fantastic for tacos or bbq pulled pork tacos later in the week.  The PS Seasoning Notorious PIG rub takes it to the next level and is now a key ingredient for all our pork butt cook.   Best spice rub name ever as well. 

"I cook with Passion and Purpose- To feed my family and friends well and to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer Research."


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