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Our Fight Against Hunger



48.8 million Americans including 13 million children live in households that lack enough nutritious food in the United States and according to the World Health Organization 45% of all child deaths are linked to malnutrition. We at PS Seasoning & Spices believe that all people should have access to nutritious food which is why we are asking you to join us in an initiative to end hunger, which is rampant right here in America. Our mission is simple, to help our friends and neighbors have access to nutrition just as you and I do.

In just two years, our dedicated staff has donated over 20,000 meals to families in need here in Wisconsin. We've also worked with several non-profit hunger relief organizations over the past few years providing nutritious meals to those in need here in America as well as abroad.

This is only the beginning. We've decided to pay it forward and donate 6 nutrition packed meals for every one Pancake, Oatmeal, or Soup Mix purchased by you! This is a fight, and we cannot do it without you. Together we can end a leading cause of death amongst children. You can help! For each mix you purchase, we will send 6 meals to those in need. Purchase two and we'll send 12, so on and so forth. Thank you for helping us fight hunger.

Donate 6 nutrition packed meals for every one

If your organization, school or sports team would like to join us in a Kids Pack to provide nutritious meals for starving children in need, please contact us at 800.328.8313.