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Megan Grippo


How long have you been cooking? 

I started off cooking in a Weber in college, in 2010. In 2018 my family purchased a Traeger and our story began. I wanted to learn the craft of smoking instantly and dove in completely. Smoking meats and seeing the complexity of flavors develop from the Traeger are always mesmerizing. I also have found smoking cheese and seasonings are endless possibilities. I have created a few seasonings of my own that I use almost daily.

How did you get interested or introduced to cooking?

My family being from southern California, I fell in love with bbqing Santa Maria style, especially Tritip. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and learned under my Nona, she is technically my grandmother in law but since I married my high school sweetheart, she’s been there pretty much since forever for me. She taught me the kitchen and her secrets, while my father taught me the grill and bbq. I feel like I have a perfect blend of inside and outdoor cooking.

What is your best food memory? 

When I was little my dad would give us “testers” and they were always the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted! They were either right off the grill, or while he was slicing. These little morsels were always SO good and seemed to taste better than the dinner itself. Something about that exclusive first bite that made the role go round for me.

What is your favorite PS Product and why? 

My Favorite PS seasoning I’ve tried has to be a tie between The Back Yard and Good Fella. The back yard reminds me of Franks Red Hot in that I can put that sh*t on EVERYTHING! It’s so delicious and really can enhance anything to the next level. Good Fella really impressed me with the flavors of the herbs plus a little salt that took it to the next level. I make a smoked ground rosemary seasoning and Good Fella is right up my alley flavor profile wise. These two seasonings are something wanna use on all breads, chicken, pork, and steaks, SO GOOD!

What would you want to have as your last meal?

My last meal would have to consist of a Tomahawk Ribeye Steak and an ice cold beer! Maybe some smoked béarnaise sauce on the side.

What dish/meal do you make on repeat?

I make whole chicken roasts and smoked tritip weekly. These two are great to feed the whole family at an affordable price and can last all week with left overs.

"The back yard reminds me of Franks Red Hot in that I can put that sh*t on EVERYTHING!"


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