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Tomato Basil Seasoning

Tomato Basil Seasoning (Salt Free)

$ 6.99

Our Tomato Basil Seasoning is a salt free blend of basil leaf, spices and rich tomato flavor. Perk up soups, pastas, meats and much more without need of added salt. Make great tasting meals with hints of Italian and bright tomato flavor.

Net. Wt. 2 oz.    

Salt Free

Tomato Basil Seasoning Uses:

  • Season tomato based soup for a refreshing taste
  • Rub on chicken breast before baking or roasting; place cut, cooked chicken on fresh salad or pasta
  • Blend seasoning with equal amounts cream cheese & sour cream for a tasty dip.
  • Sprinkle over caprese salad (fresh basil, tomato slices & sliced fresh Mozzarella) for extra flavor
  • Sprinkle seasoning on sandwiches such as a Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella, Grilled Cheese or BLT
  • Blend with mayonnaise for a wonderful tomato basil spread for sandwiches & wraps
  • Sprinkle in warm pasta dishes and cold pasta salads
  • Crush fresh or canned tomatoes for sauce, heat to simmer & season with Tomato Basil Seasoning
  • Season roasted tomatoes for sauces or canning
  • Season filling for ravioli or stuffed pasta shells
  • Sprinkle in tomato & minestrone soup
  • Mix into traditional hummus for extra flavor
  • Season eggs & omelets

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