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Sweet Pecan Seasoning Rub

Sweet Pecan Seasoning Rub

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Sweet Pecan Rub contains a subtle sweetness along with hints of butter, garlic and savory herbs. This is a seasoning blend you can get truly creative with. The flavors balance well with sweet dishes, as well as savory. 

Net. Wt. 3 oz.   

*Contains: Milk

Sweet Pecan Seasoning Rub Uses:

  • Adds delightful flavor to roasted chicken or turkey breast
  • Rub on pork chops or tenderloin before grilling or baking
  • Sprinkle over fish or salmon fillets for a sweeter flavor
  • Mix with softened butter for a delightful butter spread
  • Add to custards & homemade pudding
  • Mix into pancake batter for sweet & savory pancakes
  • Use to season pastries, pie crusts and fruit crumbles
  • Season sweet potato casserole, mashed sweet potatoes or wedges
  • Sprinkle in egg bakes, quiches or fritattas
  • Try on oven roasted vegetables or potatoes
  • Sprinkle over popcorn for a yummy snack
  • Use for a tasty vinaigrette salad dressing: Combine 1/2 C. olive oil, 1/4 C. vinegar, 2 tsp. seasoning, 1 minced shallot, 1 minced clove garlic & salt/pepper to taste in a jar with tightly fitting lid; shake & serve.

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