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smoked venison sausage

Smoked Venison Sausage


Suggested Ingredients

For 25 Lb. Meat Batch

20 Lbs.  Lean Venison 
5 Lbs.  50% Lean Pork Trimmings
1 package - B Unit No. 500 Summer Sausage Seasoning
2-3 Cups Distilled Water

Note: For garlic flavor - Add 1/3oz. of garlic powder or No. 405-B Garlic Summer Sausage Seasoning. 


1) Grind all meat through ⅜" plate or larger, then regrind through ⅛" plate.
2) Add cure to water, mix into meat.

3) Add seasoning into meat and mix for 4-6 minutes until meat is tacky. Stuff into fibrous casings.

Smoking Instructions:

1) Preheat Smoker to 100°F.
2) Place sausage on smoke sticks.
3) Insert temperature probe to center of one sausage.
4) Open dampers all the way. Run at 100°F for one hour.
5) After an hour, increase temperature to 110°F; add ⅔ pan moistened sawdust; smoke for 4 hours with top damper ⅛ open and bottom damper ¾ open.
6) Add another ⅔ pan of moistened sawdust, increase heat to 165°F.  Heat until internal temperature reaches 148°F.

7) Turn OFF smoker; place sausage in cold water bath for 20 minutes; to cool sausage to 100° F. Then dry and place in cooler.

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  • hi
    iam just make my first Gamesommersausage, i do it how the Instruktions said.
    But still the meat in the casings are soft. Must i hanging longer or i can cook them again in boiled water.
    Sinceraly Heinz

    Heinz Ketterng ( from Germany)
  • looking for recipes for using maple cure to process pork bellies into bacon.

    Greg Sambs
  • I wish i had all these instruction on recipe cards

    Jay Felber

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