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Bourbon Chipotle Wings With Sweet Chipotle Butter Glaze


 2 Cups All-Purpose Flour                   
4 Tbsp (divided)             
Sweet Bourbon Chipotle Bacon Shake (Use  2 Tbsp for glaze)
2 Eggs
½ Cup Milk
4 Lbs. Chicken Wings (You may also try boneless chicken tenders)
Oil for frying

Glaze Ingredients:

½ Cup Butter, melted
½ Cup Honey
¼ tsp Paprika


1) In a bowl, mix the flour and 2 Tbsp Sweet Bourbon Chipotle Bacon Shake; set aside.

2) In a second bowl, whisk together the eggs and milk.

3) One at a time, dip a chicken wings or tenders in the egg wash, then in the flour; repeat once more so they are double-coated, then line on a baking sheet.

4) Once all the wings/tenders are coated, chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. While they are cooling, fill a deep pot with about 2 inches of cooking oil and heat to about 375°F.

5) After the chicken has chilled, depending on the pot size, place about 2 to 3 pieces of chicken in hot oil. CAUTION: Oil will splatter! Be careful when frying. *Be sure to have a wire rack for cooling and place it over a baking sheet or absorbent paper.

6) Turn chicken wings over after about 5 minutes to ensure both sides cook through. Make sure the breading is a golden brown and chicken reaches 160°F when checked with a meat thermometer. For chicken tenders, cook one until golden brown, cool and cut to ensure there is no pink in the middle. Once chicken wings/tenders are cooked through, place on wire rack to cool and allow excess oil to drip off.

For Glaze:

Melt the ½ Cup butter in a microwave safe bowl then mix in the 1/2 cup honey; blend thoroughly. Add the ¼ tsp paprika and 2 Tbsp Sweet Bourbon Chipotle Bacon Shake; blend again. Microwave on high for 1 minute more. While chicken is on the wire rack, brush each piece of chicken on both sides using a basting brush; let excess drip off.

*If you want a little more spice & smokiness in the glaze, add an additional 1/2 Tbsp more of the Sweet Bourbon Chipotle Shake and aother 1/4 tsp Paprika.

Serve & enjoy!

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Bourbon Chipotle Wings With Sweet Chipotle Butter Glaze Description of your recipe. Serves 6 Ingredients: 2 Cups All-Purpose Flour, 4 Tbsp Sweet Bourbon Chipotle Bacon Shake Seasoning, 2 Eggs, 1/4 Cup Milk, 4 Lbs. Chicken Wings, 1/2 Cup Butter, 1/2 Cup Honey, 1/4 tsp Paprika, Vegetable Oil, For Frying.
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