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Smokehouse Recipe - Prime Rib

You Will Need:

1 1 to 12 Lb. Prime Rib Roast
½ Cup (Use less if working cooking smaller roast) Prime Rib Rub
1 Roasting Pan


1) Preheat smoker to 150°F.
2) Massage rub thoroughly onto the roast and place roast in pan on shelf and put meat probe in center of roast. Turn heat to 175°F.

3) Smoke until the internal temperature reaches 130° F for Rare or 140° F for Medium. Let rest 15-30 minutes prior to slicing (bigger the roast, longer the rest)

This process will take about 6-7 hours for 1-6 lb. Roast between 8-9 hours for an 8-12 lb. roast.

Note: Remember to roast at low temperature to keep the juice in the roast.  Dampers should be closed for this product.

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  • Hi Raymond, we just sent you an email with some suggestions on smoking your prime rib. We’ll also be testing out a new recipe in the next few days, so stay tuned!

    PS Chef
  • That sure seems like a awfully low temperature to be smoking a rib roast at, and the recipe says nothing about smoke. What kind of bark will be attained by cooking at that temp? RAY

    Raymond Gasperetti

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