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Southwest Style Grilled Egg Rolls


2 Cups Fresh Spinach, Chopped
4 Tbsp Red Onion, Finely Chopped
4 Tbsp              Red Bell Pepper, Finely Chopped
1 Jalapeno, Seeded & Minced
1 Tbsp Canola Oil
½ Cup                     Corn (Canned, Fresh or Frozen & Thawed)
½ Cup               Black Beans, Rinsed & Drained
¼ tsp Salt
1 Tbsp Southwest Chipotle Salt-Free Seasoning
1½ Cups Monterey Jack or Mexican Style Shredded Cheese
8 oz. Whipped Cream Cheese
12 Eggroll Wrappers
1 Egg
2 Cups Sour Cream
2 Tbsp Fiesta Ranchero Dip Mix
*You will also need large sheet of aluminum foil & grill tongs. 


1) Combine sour cream and Fiesta Ranchero Dip Mix; mix well. Cover and refrigerate. This will be used for dipping.

2)In a large skillet, heat canola oil. Add the spinach, red onion, red bell pepper, jalapeno; cook until tender and spinach becomes slightly wilted.

3) Add corn, beans and seasonings; mix well. Cook until heated through. Remove skillet from heat and immediately add cream cheese; stir until melted. Gradually add shredded cheese a half cup at a time; stir until melted and mix is completely blended.

4) Preheat grill to around 325ºF. No higher than 350ºF.

5) While filling egg rolls, it's important to keep the remaining wrappers covered with a damp cloth to ensure they do not dry out. To fill egg rolls: 

  1. Place 4 tsps of the above mixture in the center of a wrapper.
  2. Take one corner, wrap it around the mixture and tuck it tightly.
  3. Brush water or egg around the open edges of the wrapper with your fingers or basting brush.
  4. Grab opposite corner and tightly wrap it around in the other direction.
  5. Be sure the open ends are facing upward and pull each one towards the middle of the roll. Gently press the ends down to ensure they are sealed & sticking to the roll.

6) Place rolls on a baking sheet or you can also use parchment paper. Whip the egg until smooth and brush each side of the egg rolls until each one is completely coated.

7) Lay a large sheet of aluminum foil over center of grill or wherever your grill gets the best heat. Spray the foil with some non-stick spray to keep egg rolls from sticking while cooking. Gently place each egg roll on the foil keeping them 1" to 2" apart. Cover and let cook for 10 minutes; flip and cook for an additional 10 minutes. Watch for bursting. If egg rolls appear as if they are about to burst, turn down the heat if possible

Note: Cook egg rolls until the outer shell feels solid (not soft) and edges are lightly browned. For some grills this may take longer than 20 minutes. If egg rolls begin to burst, remove them from heat immediately. Cooking times and results will vary depending on the grill being used.

8) Remove egg rolls from grill once completely heated through. Outer shell should be solid and edges lightly browned. Serve immediately with Fiesta Ranchero Dip.


Tip: For a smaller appetizer version, purchase wonton wrappers instead of egg roll wrappers (egg roll wrappers are the larger variation) and fill with 2 tsp of filling. Wrap and cook using the same method as above, but cook for half the time. *Again, cooking times and results will vary depending on grill.

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