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Recipe - Fish Jerky (Dry Salt Method)


You Will Need:

Lean Fish

Use any amount of fish such as crappies, brook trout, flounder, perch, bluegill or bass.

(Note: Avoid using snapper, carp northern pike or catfish for this method). 

Pickling Salt

 Use 1 Lb. Salt (About 2 Cups) to 4 Lbs. Fish 

*The Smoker will dry fish just like the Indians did it out in the sun.


1) Clean and fillet fish as soon as possible. Cut the fillets into one quarter inch thick strips about 4-6" long. (Note: Small pan fish  ¼" to ⅜" thick may not have to be cut. If strips are too thick it will take too long to dry and there will be a greater chance of spoilage). Dry fish thoroughly.
2) Place dried fish on pan or glass dish with pickling salt. Use about one pound salt for four pounds of fish.
3) Spread thin layer of salt in bottom of pan. Coat each strip with salt and place in pan or glass dish making sure all filets are covered with salt. Allow fish to cure 46-50 hours.
4) Rinse fish and clean off all salt and dry each strip with clean towel.
Note: If using a pan, use only stainless steel or porcelain enamel.
5) Place fish in Smoker on shelf, oiling the chrome shelf will prevent sticking.

6) Open top vent wide open and bottom vent to one half. Open to allow moisture to escape. Turn temperature on smoker to 100-120°F. Leave at this temperature until strips are thoroughly dry (they will shrink and get somewhat hard).


The drying process will take from 8-12 hours. After drying fish jerky, place in freezer for 48 hours to kill parasites that may be present. The jerky may be eaten after smoking, however, it is safer to freeze them before eating.

Additional Tips:

  • To add more flavor to the Fish Jerky, after removing from dry salt, soak strips in Maple Cure Brine for one hour. Dry with clean towel and place in smoker as above.
  • Salmon is also very good for jerky. Cut into  ¼" thick strips and follow the same curing process except that salmon must be refrigerated while curing. After 12 hours clean all salt from strips and place in Maple Cure Brine for 1 hour. Dry with clean towel and place in smoker. Follow same process as pan fish.



Fish Jerky Using Dry Salt Method Description of your recipe.Ingredients: Any Amount Lean Fish, 1 Lb. Pickling Salt, to every 4 Lbs. Fish, ingredient 3,

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