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Smokehouse Recipe - Smoked Brisket


You Will Need:

Up to 25 Lbs. Brisket Cuts, Fat Trimmed
1 Package - B Unit No. 460 Roast Beef Seasoning
PS Southwest Chipotle Seasoning


Brisket is best done on a rack.

1) Make sure fat is trimmed off of the top and bottom of the Brisket. Inject with your seasoning.
Note: We prefer our No. 460 Roast Beef Seasoning and then top with our Southwest Chipotle Seasoning. Let marinate overnight.
2) Place in the smoker with the temperature at 225˚F  for 1 hour.  Then turn your smoker down to 180˚F.
Note: (DO NOT USE PELLETS AS THIS IS TOO HOT OF A TEMPERATURE) You can use sawdust or chips. Moisten either one. This should be done for 10-12 hours. You will need to add a new pan of smoke approximately every 3-4 hours.

3) Finally turn the smoker up to 225˚F and cook to a internal temperature of 190˚-200˚F.

Products Used In This Recipe:

12 Hours 25 Lbs. Ingredients: 25 Lbs. Brisket Cuts, N0. 460 Roast Beef Seasoning, PS Southwest Chipotle Seasoning.

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  • Aneela on

    Oooh sounds great I never toughht of that. I usually put Sazon, garlic salt or pepper, season salt and or some lime if you like it. Also if I have some kinda meat tenderizer or flavoring like chicken flavor, or steak seasoning, but just a little. O yeah and I always put onion in mostly every kind of meat I cook with a little olive oil or whatever oil u like. Hope this helps.

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