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Smokehouse Recipe - Smoked Fish


Curing Ingredients:

5 Gallons Ice Cold Water (35-40°F)
5 Lbs.  Maple Cure


Mix thoroughly the 5 gallons of water with the 5 lbs. cure.  Move on to the next step.

    Cover Pickle Instructions:

    1) Place pieces in plastic or S/S pan and submerge in Pickling Solution (Add weight to hold submerged). Keep in Pickling Solution from 4-6 hours.

    2) Remove and wash thoroughly. Let dry for several hours before smoking.

    Smoking Instructions:

    1) Preheat Smoker to 100°F.
    2) Baste fish with vegetable oil and place on racks (oiled) or in stockinette. 3) Increase thermostat to 110°F; damper ⅔ open. Add ⅔ pan of sawdust (moistened); smoke for 2 hours.
    4) After 2 hours, increase thermostat to 120°F with damper ½ open. Add another ⅔ pan of sawdust (moistened); run 2 hours and remove sawdust pan. Close dampers.
    5) Increase thermostat to 185°F and run until product reaches an internal temperature to 145°F.

    6) Turn off thermostat and let cool to 100°F; remove to cooler.

    Products Used In This Recipe:

    Smokehouse Recipe - Smoked Fish Description of your recipe.Ingredients: 5 Gallons Cold Water, 5 Lbs. Maple Cure, Stockinettes, optional, sawdust,

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