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Smokehouse Recipe - Smoked Poultry/Waterfowl


 Suggested Curing Ingredients:

5 Gallons Cold Water (38-40°F) 
5 Lbs.  Maple Cure
Whole Chicken, Turkey, Duck or Other Bird


1) Dissolve Cure in water and mix thoroughly.
2) Inject product with hand brine pump or electric pump at 10% of weight of bird.
3) Place in S/S or plastic lugs and submerge in the same pickle solution with a cover.

4) Remove after 4-5 hours and wash "with COLD water" and dry for 2 hours.

Smoking Procedure:

1) Preheat smoker to 110°F; open damper ¾.
2) Hang product in stockinettes (no parts touching).
3) Insert temperature probe into ball socket joint, but not touching bone.
4) Run at this temperature for 1 hour.
5) After an hour, increase thermostat to 125°F; place ⅓ pan sawdust (moistened) on burner.
6) After 4 hours place another ⅓ pan of moistened sawdust on burner. Increase temperature to 140 degrees F. Close dampers.
7) After 4 hours remove sawdust pan; increase temperature to 185 degrees F.  Heat at this temperature until internal temperature reaches 165°F.

8) Turn OFF thermostat and let cool to 100°F.

Note: In the absence of an injector a cover pickling method may be used as follows:

3-5 lb. 36 hours
6-8 lb. 40 hours
9-11 lb. 50 hours
13-14 lb. 60 hours
15 lb. 70 hours
Note: For less smoke, use 2/3 pan and omit second smoking.

Note: For best results poultry 6 lbs. and up should be pumped and then submerged from 5 - 10 hours.

Products Used In This Recipe:

Smokehouse Recipe - Smoked Poultry/Waterfowl Description of your recipe.Ingredients: 5 Gallons Cold Water, 5 Lbs. Maple Cure, Whole Waterfowl,

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