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Better Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

  • PS Seasoning Chef

To Taste Better Burger Seasoning
1 Guacamole Mix
1 Everything Bagel
1 Tomatoes, sliced
1 egg
cooked bacon


1) First begin to make the guacamole with the Guacamole mix and let chill while preparing rest of sandwich.

2) While guacamole is chilling, cook the egg however you like and sprinkle Better Burger Seasoning on it. We did ours sunny side up.

3) Toast bagel and then spread guacamole on the bottom half, followed by arugula, cooked bacon, tomatoes and topped with a beautiful cooked egg.

4) Serve while hot and enjoy!

Better Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

30 mins Serves 1 Ingredients: Better Burger Seasoning, 1 Guacamole Mix, 1 Everything Bagel, 1 Tomatoes, thinly sliced, 1 Egg Cooked Bacon Arugula

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