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Loaded Steakhouse Bloody Mary

  • PS Seasoning Chef


12 Ounces Tomato Juice
2 Squeezed Lemon Wedges
8 Shakes Worcestershire Sauce
To Taste Tabasco Sauce
8 Shakes Celery Salt
1 Tbsp Chicago Steakhouse Glaze
Vodka (optional)



Mix all ingredients in a 16 ounce glass, shake or stir, garnish to liking and enjoy!

Products Used In This Recipe:

Steakhouse Loaded Bloody Mary: 12 Ounces of Tomato Juice, 2 Squeezed Lemons, 8 Shakes of Worcestershire sauce, Hot Sauce to taste, 8 Shakes of Celery Salt, 1 Tbsp. Chicago Steakhouse Glaze.

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