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Thai Ginger Teriyaki Ahi Tuna


1 Raw Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna Steak (Sushi Grade is important when eating raw fish)
2 T Thai Ginger Teriyaki Marinade and Glaze


1) Cube Tuna into small pieces

2) Let sit in marinade for 5 minutes

3) Add in Tacos or on top of salads with toppings of your choice

Note: You can also marinate whole Tuna Steak and then sear in hot pan on all sides to have medium rare instead of raw.

Products Used In This Recipe:

15 mins Serves 2 Ingredients: 1 Raw Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna Steak, 2 T PS Seasoning Thai Ginger Teriyaki Marinade,

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