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Strawberry Lemonade Crepes

Strawberry Lemonade Crepes
  • PS Seasoning Chef
1 Cup Buttermilk Pancake Mix
1 T Melted Butter
2 Eggs
1 Cup Milk
Fresh Strawberries
Powdered Sugar
Fresh Lemons
1 5.3 oz Plain Green Yogurt


 1) In a large mixing bowl, mix together 1 cup Buttermilk Pancake Mix, 2 eggs, melted butter and milk. Whisk until smooth.

2) Heat a medium skillet on low-medium heat. Spray the skillet with cooking spray and pour about 1/4 cup of crepe batter. Cook for about 30-45 seconds and flip. 

3) Once you've finished making all your crepes let them cool and begin to make the strawberry lemonade filling.

4) Begin to cut a handful of strawberries into very small pieces and addthem to the greek yogurt. Next slice off a piece of lemon and squeeze the juice into the yogurt. Add 2 or 3 T of powdered sugar to the yogurt and mix everything together thoroughly.

5) Take your crepes and stuff them with the filling. We took ours and spread the filling on half of a crepe and then fold them into triangles.

6) Finally, zest a lemon over the top of your crepes and sprinkle powdered sugar over the top. 

Products Used In This Recipe:

Strawberry Lemonade Crepes

30 mins Serves 2-3 Ingredients: 1 cup Buttermilk Pancake Mix, 1 T Melted Butter, 2 Eggs, 1 Cup Milk, Fresh Strawberries Powdered Sugar Fresh Lemons 1 5.3 oz Plain Greek Yogurt

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