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Apple Cinnamon Parfait

Apple Cinnamon Parfait 


1 32 ounce Vanilla Yogurt
2 Green Apples
1 cup Walnuts
to taste Cinnamon Toast Spice Blend



1) In a medium sized dish or bowl, layer half of the yogurt across the bottom

2) Chop up 1 green apple in to small cubes and layer on top of yogurt, followed by a layer of walnuts.  Sprinkle Cinnamon Toast Spice Blend next to taste.

3) Repeat step 2 (feel free to decorate walnuts and apples to a decorative pattern)

4) Enjoy!

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Apple Cinnamon Toast Parfait: 2 Medium Green Apples, 32 Ounces of Vanilla Yogurt, 1 Cup of Walnuts, Cinnamon Toast Spice Blend

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