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Trending Flavor: California Garlic Pepper Is A Must Have


California Garlic Pepper is a staple for all of us here at PS, and there's good reason for it. It's a bright and vibrant blend of (you guessed it!) California Garlic, red pepper, herbs and spices that adds a mild, yet bold flavor to any dish you cook with it. Here is some of the reasons why this flavor is a must have in every kitchen cabinet. Buy a jar today and find out what the buzz is all about!

1. It's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on every egg based dish

Scrambled, Sunny-Side-Up, Poached, you name it. California Garlic Pepper works perfect on all things egg. Be sure to check out our awesome smoked ham and cheddar quiche recipe we put together this spring using this seasoning blend. Your next breakfast will taste like a 5-star brunch!

2. Tasty on any protein

Chicken, Steaks, Salmon, White Fish, Wild Game, Turkey and Pork work equally well with this seasoning. Whether you firing up the grill or just making something quick in the oven, this will work well on all of your favorite meat dishes.

3. Also great on Veggies

Corn on the cob, grilled zucchini, baked potatoes, roasted peppers kebabs and more taste delicious with California Garlic Pepper.

4. Liven up the simplest snacks

California Garlic Pepper is a great blend to shake on popcorn, pretzels, Chex mix and more. Try making homemade potato chips and use this as the seasoning.

5. The Possibilities Are Endless

We haven't found a recipe that didn't taste good with this seasoning and we doubt you will either. Don't be shy! Try this on all of your favorite foods and California Garlic Garlic Pepper will surely become your "secret ingredient" to all of your best dishes.




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