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Instant Pot Cooking Tips & Timing Cheat Sheet


Instant Pot, the No. 1 selling cooker brand in North America, takes food preparation to a new level with the industry’s first 15psi electric pressure cooker with NutriBoost™ technology

PS Seasoning Instant Pot Tips

  • Release Function:
    • Use natural release for red meat.
    • Use quick release for everything other than meat.
  • Setting:
    • It is recommended to cook on the manual setting at HIGH.
  • Liquid:
    • For the Instant Pot to work, you need to use liquid!
    • A minimum of 1 cup of liquid is required to get to and maintain pressure.
    • You can use any combination of meat juice, vinegar, water or various mixes or stocks.
  • Unattended Instant Pots:
    • It is NOT safe to leave your home when the Instant Pot is turned on!
    • There is no guarantee that it is at full pressure or that steam will not vacate the appliance.
  • Hissing Sounds:
    • It will make hissing sounds – this is normal.
    • For your peace of mind to just double check the steam release valve.
    • There is a pin on the top that indicates whether it has come to pressure or not.
    • It starts out deep in the slot and raises to the top of it once pressure has been reached.
  • Ventilation:
    • Triple check the Instant Pot’s vent.
    • It is common to not realize the vent knob is not turned to seal.
    • It is very important to make sure the vent is closed otherwise your food will not cook.

Meals Are An Instant Success With The “PS Seasoning Instant Pot Cooking Tips & Timing Cheat Sheet”

Cooking Meat 

  • Meat Thickness:
    • It’s not the weight of the meat that matters so much as the thickness of the meat.
    • You should aim for meat to be a maximum of 2″ thick.
    • This may require cutting the meat before putting into the Instant Pot.
  • Cooking Frozen Meat:
    • The Instant Pot cooks all sorts of meat beautifully – especially in a frozen state.
    • You can easily cook frozen meats such as chicken and beef on the fly!
    • It only takes about 15 minutes to cook two frozen chicken breasts!
  • Cooking Spray
    • We recommend spraying the inside of your Instant Pot with cooking spray prior to putting food in the pot.
  • Seasoning Meat

    Pot in Pot Method

    • Pot in Pot is the Instant Pot Secret!
    • It’s cooking food inside your Instant Pot with another pot such as a Pyrex Bowl!
    • It’s great for dips or recipes that you don’t want to sit in liquid such as our:
    • The Instant Pot requires liquid and some foods are better not sitting in liquid as it cooks!
    • Many meals require preparing items on the stove or in the oven (does this surprise you?), with Pot in Pot you can cook multiple meals at a time!
    • When you do the Pot in Pot method, you can create a tin foil sling for the bowl so it’s easier to remove.
    • Pot in Pot is great for reheating meals, food that are notorious for sticking to the bottom of pot (try spraying prior) and desserts.

    Pot in Pot Recipes


    Freezing Leftovers

    • Use round storage containers!
    • The round shape makes for easy dropping in and reheating in the Instant Pot!



    • IP– Instant Pot
    • EPC– Electric Pressure Cooker
    • QR– Quick Release (letting all the pressure out quickly)
    • NPR/NR– Natural Pressure Release (this is where the Instant Pot releases all it’s pressure slowly and naturally. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes)
    • PIP– Pot in Pot
    • Trivet– the little metal stand that comes with the Instant Pot
    • Steam-release handle – This is the handle on the top of the Instant Pot that allows you to release the pressure.
    • Float valve – This is a silver or red pin that indicates whether pressure has been reached or not.
    • Sealing ring – This is a plastic ring on the interior of the lid that helps with sealing.


    Recommended Instant Pot Pressurized Cooking Times:

    • Cooking at pressure is different than “cook time”.
    • The Instant Pot must be pressurized BEFORE you assume the start of cooking time.
    • It takes time for the Instant Pot to get to pressure, as well as to release the pressure.

    Beef Roast - 35-40 Minutes

    Dry Black or Pinto Beans - Cover beans with water - 26 minutes

    Boneless Ribs - 25 Minutes

    Chicken Breasts - 8 Minutes

    Chicken Thighs - 9 Minutes

    Whole Chicken – First use the sauté function to brown with a little oil - 9 Minutes per pound

    Corn on the Cob - 3-4 Minutes

    Fish Fillet - (fresh) – 2 to 3 Minutes

    Fish Fillet - (frozen) – 3 to 4 Minutes

    Hard Boiled Eggs - Add 1 cup water and use metal rack - 4 Minutes

    Quick Oats - Add 1 cup water - 5 Minutes

    Steel Cut Oats – Add 1 cup water - 10 Minutes

    Pasta - Cover noodles with water - 4 Minutes

    Pork Chops – First use the sauté function to brown with a little oil - 5 Minutes

    Pork Roast – First use the sauté function to brown with a little oil – 45 to 55 Minutes

    Whole Potatoes – Add 1 cup water and use metal rack – 12 to15 Minutes

    Brown Rice – 1 to 1½ cups of water - 12 Minutes

    Wild Rice - 1 to 1½ cups of water - 27 Minutes

    Veggies Chunks - Add 1 cup water and use metal rack – 1 to 3 minutes


    Other great foods to try in the Instant Pot:

    Homemade Bread


    Deviled Boiled Eggs


    Hot Chocolate


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