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9 Genius Ways to Use Elote Street Corn Seasoning

A bold and versatile seasoning blend, our Elote Street Corn blend is filled with chili pepper, cumin, lime, parmesan cheese and garlic. Just as versatile as our Everything Bagel blend, this shaker is delicious on everything from corn on the cob and scrambled eggs to popcorn and even BBQ pork ribs. Shake, shake shake this cheesy chili street corn blend on every bite!

1. Nachos

This is nacho plate, but it could be. These Elote street corn nachos are a street corn style platter of chips loaded with cheesy sauce, juicy corn kernels and fresh cilantro. A crunch that will make all the amigos happy!


2. Ribs

 A street corn rack that you wont be able to keep your mitts off of. Tender bites of chili parmesan rib meat with a splash of citrus and bright yellow corn will have your mouth poppin' with flavor. 


3. Avocado Fries

Swap out those potatoes for an Avo-tastic side. A crispy breaded bite of smooth and creamy avocado jo-jo's seasoned with a zippy citrus chili kick. 



4. Wings

Get the napkins ready its about to get saucy.  Elote wings loaded with all your favorite street corn toppings and a heavy shake of chili parmesan. Get ready for take off!


5. Burger

Step away from the cob and get your mouth around this layers innovative Mexican street corn style burger. Bigger is better and juicy is welcome! 


6. Deviled Eggs

 A bite-sized staple for every table with a lush and creamy twist. A shake or two will have these Elote Street Corn deviled eggs flying like crazy!


7. Street Corn

 Don't skip the traditional Elote- Mexican street corn. Cheesy, juicy, fresh and just a enough mess to be delicious! 


 8. Fajitas

Chop that chicken, fry those peppers and heat the tortillas. It's fajita time! Seasoned with our favorite street corn blend, eat bite will make your mouth go crazy. 

9. Taco Dip

 The ultimate chip topping! Luscious Elote dip loaded on a crunchy tortilla chip is like eating lots of little tacos and the party never ends! 

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