10 Seasonings for Brats, Burgers and BBQ to Make Your Tailgate Successful

10 Seasonings for Brats, Burgers and BBQ to Make Your Tailgate Successful
  • PS Seasoning Chef

This American tradition is more than just hanging out in a stadium parking lot!

It’s about getting pumped for the game, kicking back with great company and serving up vast assortments of picnic style foods.  The time to pack up family and friends, load up your vehicle and head to the ballpark is rapidly approaching.  In the midst of the crowd and all the excitement comes that moment we all wait for - the time to fire up the grill. 

While you may have your own traditional grilling foods ready to go, we want to help escalate the flavor of those customary favorites and turn them into home-run champions.  Don't settle for plain frozen burger patties or store bought brats when you can turn those bare staples into culinary hits. 

To highlight the spirit of the tailgating experience, we'd like share some of our top choice seasonings that will help kick start your tailgate taste buds. 

1) No. 281 Tailgater Bratwurst Seasoning

This seasoning blend brings the ultimate tailgating experience straight to your mouth.  Just the right blend of salty and tangy with a hint of onion flavor. This is a must-try for any sausage maker who is also a hard core tailgater.  Don't be afraid to put your own spin on it. Try adding some finely chopped onion to the mix and make your tailgating brat, the very best! Dare we say, it could even be better than a ballpark brat!

2) No. 680 Bacon Cheeseburger Bratwurst Seasoning

How clever are we? We've taken the flavors of a juicy, smoky bacon cheeseburger and put it in a blend for you to stuff into your very own tender brats. Packed with our special blend of spices, garlic, onion and natural butter flavors. Add some smoked bacon and high-temp cheddar cheese to the mixture to take this brat to the next level.  This one is sure to have fans returning to your grill for more!

3) No. 687 Sriracha & Onion Bratwurst Seasoning

We transformed the taste of sriracha sauce and packed it's full-intense flavor into a brat seasoning that is sure to blow your mind. Take your taste buds on a trip to Thailand with this blend of spicy red pepper, tangy hints of vinegar and garlic, sweet notes of brown sugar and of course, onion.  Sriracha fanatics may want to make a few batches, but keep in mind, this one is not for the weak of palates.

4) No. 678 Sassy Honey BBQ Bratwurst Seasoning

Don't be fooled by "honey" in the title. We call this one sassy for a reason. It may seem sweet, but it packs a slight heat. We've combined the flavors of sweet honey, brown sugar, tones of onion and garlic, natural smoke flavor and our very own blend of spices to give this seasoning a little kick.  Just the right amount of sweet and sassy.

5) No. 296 Bacon Ranch Bratwurst Seasoning

We took an old-time favorite and put it into a brat seasoning. This blend contains the perfect balance of creamy ranch and smoky bacon flavors. Take one bite and experience a mild blend of savory spices, smooth buttermilk and natural hickory smoked flavors.  If you enjoy anything with the combination of bacon and ranch, you need to try this one! 

6) Beer Brat Burger Patty Seasoning

If your from Wisconsin, beer is a necessity for tailgating and cooking.  We know how well the tangy carbonation of beer partners with brats and burgers and this burger seasoning is no exception. We've taken that tangy beer flavor and made it into a season that is simply perfect for your very own home pressed burger patties. No more need for soaking! Simple mix the seasoning in with your ground meat, grill and serve! Voila!

7) Jalapeno Burger Patty Seasoning

Want to add a little more heat to your burger? This blend is sure to spice things up! A fiery mixture of jalapeno peppers and spices that definitely brings the heat. For those who like it hot, this one may just leave you sweatin'.  To balance the heat, you might want to try adding some high-temp cheddar cheese and make yourself a mouth-watering cheesy jalapeno burger.

8) Smokehouse BBQ Seasoning

This seasoning is excellent for anything you throw on the grill!  This seasoning blend will add a wonderfully smoky flavor with hints of sweetness to chicken, pork, steak and burgers.  Use this blend to preseason meats or pack it along to sprinkle on meats while they're cooking. Whatever your grillin', this is a must-have!

9) Rotisserie Chicken Rub

Do you know the taste of succulent rotisserie chicken made at your favorite restaurant or deli?  Now you can duplicate that same moist, tender and perfectly seasoned rotisserie flavor at home.  Taste the amazing blend of spices, natural smoked flavors, paprika, chili powder, hints of garlic and a touch of sweetness.  Make your own deli style rotisserie chicken right at home. Tastes so good, people will think you ran out to your local delicatessen. 

10) Memphis BBQ Rub

Inspired by the BBQ experts in Memphis, TN, this seasoning will knock down the competition and make everyone flock to your tailgate spot. Great for ribs, pulled pork and chicken. Sprinkle on meats while cooking or rub on beforehand. Makes a great seasoning for smoked meats. Leave everyone's mouth-watering with this salty, smoked flavor that lightly tingles the tongue with a slight heat.  This one will leave everyone wanting to taste more!


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