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106 Amazing Ways to Season Boring Chicken Breast, Legs and Wings

Does it seem like you are making the same chicken meals every week? 

If so, you’re bound to get tired and stop eating this amazing protein option which make great meals.

It's simple! just change the seasoning of your chicken (and even pork, veal, duck, fish, venison and beef!) with a variety of seasoning blends and recipes so you can get excited to bake, fry or grill this bird again! 

Reinvent your chicken options with these 106 amazing seasonings, rubs, sauces, marinades and recipes that make meal prep easy and guarantee you won’t get bored again. The only problem you will have is which to pick for tonight!


Chicken Base

Just as simple to prepare as our beef base, add water and as much of the base as needed for a tasty broth base. Great for soups, flavoring meats or in any other dish you desire.


Chicken Rub 

An ideal poultry seasoning, this rub contains a mild blend of chili pepper, paprika, onion, garlic, spices and a hint of natural hickory smoked flavor.

Rotisserie Chicken Rub

Our Rotisserie Chicken Rub combines the heat of chili peppers, hickory smoke flavor and spices. Cook tender restaurant or deli quality chicken and poultry.

Chicken With Parsley - Soup Base

Use this chicken stock base as a simple solution to making homemade chicken noodle soup or try it as a base and seasoning for a variety of recipes.  It's as simple as adding water and as much of the base blend as you need in order to get a full-flavored broth. 


#541- Mock Chicken Seasoning

Create a mouth watering mock chicken dish by using veal or pork, season, and mold into the shape of a Chicken Leg.

Chicken With Wild Rice Soup Mix

Take it easy on yourself for dinner and try a quick, easy solution that will leave you feeling satisfied. A perfect comfort food for those chilly days when you crave something hearty and warming. Plenty of long grain wild rice in a blend of seasoned broth. Partner it with some warm butter rolls and you have yourself a simple and filling meal.


Pork And Poultry Shake

Our pork and poultry seasoning combines chili peppers, paprika, garlic, onion, herbs and mild spices for a subtle heat. A zesty rub for all pork and poultry.


Buffalo Wing Rub

Buffalo wing sauce is transformed into a tangy seasoning with a bite! Make blazing restaurant style buffalo wings right in your own kitchen. Bring on the heat!


Memphis BBQ Rub

This Rub is a blend of brown sugar, salt, cayenne pepper, spices and natural hickory smoke flavor. It's competition quality!


Who doesn't love the flavor of a good BBQ? This is pure BBQ magic! Natural smoke flavor with a subtle sweetness. A little goes a long way.


Ultimate Seasoning

This is the Ultimate Blend of sea salt, black pepper, garlic, onion and course ground spices. There is a reason we call it the "ultimate", because you can flavor just about anything with this blend. It's a great all-purpose blend in the kitchen.

Honey BBQ Chipotle Seasoning

Bold BBQ sauce taste in a low salt seasoning. Made with sweet honey, spicy chipotle peppers and a hint of smokiness for a balanced sweet, smoky BBQ flavor.


Pro Roaster Poultry Seasoning

Shake this seasoning on chicken, duck, geese or turkey before grilling or roasting. This is a dry blend of spices and bold mesquite smoke that will make your poultry dish taste just like rotisserie chicken bought at your favorite deli.

Smokehouse Rub

This slightly sweet dry rub boasts bold hickory smoke flavor infused with sea salt and brown sugar. A smokehouse seasoning blend that adds excellent flavor to beef, pork and chicken.


Smoky Chipotle Rub

Smoky Chipotle Rub adds a little spice to that smoky mesquite flavor. 


Prime Rib Rub

This rub is a flavorful blend of salt, garlic, paprika, dill-weed, coriander and diverse spices. Our best prime rib rub!


Mango Habanero Seasoning

Our Mango Habanero Seasoning unites the mild flavor of sweet tropical mangoes with the fiery heat of habanero peppers for a perfectly balanced sweet and spicy blend. The flavor transition begins with a subtle touch of sweet and ends with a spicy kick.


BBQ Sauce Honey Chipotle

Our Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce is made of smoky chipotle peppers and blended with fresh honey creating a spicy, balanced flavor you are sure to love.


Gluten Free All Purpose Breading

Our light, flour-based coating is perfectly seasoned and 100% gluten-free. Make delicious homemade fish-fry for a Friday night dinner or coat tender pieces of chicken for a light, airy breading that everyone will love. Not only is this bread coating gluten-free, but it's so simple to use and tastes amazing whether fried or baked. Use on chicken, fish, pork chops and even vegetables. A wonderful addition to a gluten-free pantry.


BBQ Sauce Whiskey Barrel

Our Whiskey Barrel BBQ sauce uses a shot of aged bourbon whiskey right out of the barrel and combines the sweetness of brown sugar and molasses to create a smoky, well-balanced sauce.


Beef Shake

This beef shake is a mouth-watering blend of salt, black pepper, hints of garlic and onion and other spices. Be prepared for the best tasting beef you've ever made!


Cajun Shake

If you're looking for something bold, you're going to love this one!  Add a Cajun kick with this heated blend of chili pepper, paprika, garlic, onion and pungent spices.


Southwest Chipotle Seasoning

Our Southwest Chipotle Seasoning is a salt-free blend with a southwest kick. Get heat from chipotle peppers and spices without the added salt. Eat heart-healthy meals bursting with smoky southwestern flavor.


Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip Mix

Nothing pairs better with the tangy spice of buffalo wings than a dollop of creamy blue cheese dressing. This inspired us to unite this classic combo into one fabulous dip mix. Our Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip Mix combines all the spiciness of your favorite hot sauce with the mild, creamy flavor of blue cheese along with garlic, hints of vinegar and added spices. Get all the flavor of chicken wings in one amazing dip for veggies, chips and all your favorite snacks! Sure to be a game day favorite! 


Lemon Pepper

Lemon pepper is a seasoning blend that contains pepper, lemon peel granules, salt, sugar, and other spices. It gives lemon and pepper flavoring to the food on which it is applied. Lemon pepper adds a savory, tangy taste to many dishes.


Blackened Seasoning

Just the right spicy punch of red pepper flake followed by bold garlic flavor. Fiery flavors that are sure to waken your taste buds!


Chipotle Lime Rub

Our Chipotle Lime Rub has it all - spicy, tangy, smoky and citrus flavors all in one. Perfect for all Mexican and southwestern dishes. A very popular flavor.


Smoke BBQ Rub Seasoning

Our smokehouse BBQ rub is a smoky and sweet seasoning that will taste great on the next meal you throw on the grill. Shake on pork, chicken or steak.


BBQ Sauce Sweet Onion Applewood

Our Sweet Onion Applewood BBQ sauce is the perfect classic southern blend of spice and smoke, combining sweet flavorful onions with applewood smoke giving you a right off the grill experience.


Taco Seasoning

A traditional taco seasoning made with salt, chili powder and spices. Season meats, taco dip and create authentic Mexican dishes. No more seasoning packets.


Apple Cinnamon Rub

There's nothing like it! This Apple Cinnamon Rub is a sweet and aromatic blend of sugar, cinnamon, spices and hints of apple flavor.


Smokehouse BBQ Seasoning

Get appetizing, sweet BBQ smoked flavor on meats and side dishes with our Smokehouse BBQ Rub seasoning. Taste smokehouse quality packed with smoky BBQ flavor.


Italian Seasoning

Our whole Italian seasoning is a robust blend of genuine Italian herbs Basil, Oregano, Rosemary and herbs. Create hearty, full-flavored Italian-style dishes or simply add Italian flavor on any food for a fusion twist.


Sweet Rub

Our Sweet Rub is sweet, salty, tangy and savory all in one! With brown sugar, salt, chili pepper, garlic and natural smoke flavors for beef, pork or poultry.


#280 Buffalo Wing Bratwurst Seasoning

We developed a Buffalo Wing Brat Seasoning by combining vinegar powder, cayenne and other spices for making your very own fiery buffalo wing brats right at home.


California Garlic Pepper Seasoning

Not just any ordinary garlic pepper blend. This mix of black pepper, garlic, herbs and spices compliments just about anything.


St. Louis BBQ Sauce

Similar to our Kansas City BBQ sauce, our St. Louis BBQ sauce is a bit less sweet, and a little tangier. This is a delicious barbecue sauce to use on baby back ribs, or grilled chicken.


Maple Bourbon Chipotle Marinade Glaze

A bold and sweet marinade that will highlight the taste of beef, pork, chicken, wild game or seafood which can be grilled, broiled or baked.  Use it as a marinade or delectable glaze to highlight the taste of your favorite meats.


Thai Ginger Teriyaki Marinade Glaze

Use your imagination with oriental inspired flavors and an amazing balance of tangy and sweet.  Use this marinade & glaze to add full-bodied flavors to beef, pork, chicken, seafood or vegetables which can be grilled, broiled or baked. Elevate the flavor of your next meal!


Tomato Basil Seasoning

Our Tomato Basil Seasoning is a salt free blend of basil leaf, spices and rich tomato flavor. Perk up soups, pastas, meats and much more without need of added salt. Make great tasting meals with hints of Italian and bright tomato flavor.


BBQ Sauce Honey Balsamic

Our Honey Balsamic glaze is the perfect blend of tangy-sweet honey and aged balsamic vinegar along with a mix of house-made spices.


Dry Marinade Butter Garlic

Infuse bold flavors into your food with our dry marinade blends. Our Butter Garlic Marinade tastes great on chicken, turkey, salmon and seafood.


Dry Marinade Honey Mustard

Infuse bold flavors into your food with our dry marinade blends. Our Honey Mustard Marinade tastes great on chicken, salmon, turkey and vegetables.


BBQ Sauce Tangy Honey Mustard

Our Tangy Honey Mustard BBQ glaze is a mixture of tangy mustard with the sweetness of honey in a thick and flavorful sauce.


Panko Bread Crumbs

Give your fish, chicken, meats or vegetables a light, crunchy coating for your next meal.  Made from crustless bread, they are flakier than original breadcrumbs. These bread crumbs are best used for frying foods, but can also be used for baking and stay crispier longer than your standard breadcrumbs.  Simply coat foods and bake or fry.  Also try them as a crumble topping for baked goods or casseroles.


Fiesta Chili Lime Seasoning

A southwestern blend of tangy peppers, refreshing lime, spices and hints of smoky flavor. A salt free seasoning blend for all Mexican foods.


Garlic Herb Seasoning

Garlic & Herb Seasoning is our classic blend of robust garlic, rosemary and loaded with savory herbs. Works for just about anything.


Garlic Herb Seasoning Salt-Free

A salt free blend of our original garlic & herb seasoning. Filled with hearty herbs and aromatic bits of garlic for beef, pork, poultry, fish and vegetables.


Texas BBQ Sauce

Inspired by the delicious BBQ in the lone star state. Our Texas BBQ Sauce is a sweet and spicy mixture of tomato, spices, and vegetables. This sauce tastes great on brisket, ribs, pork and chicken.


Dry Marinade Lemon Pepper

Infuse bold flavors into your food with our dry marinade blends. Our Lemon Pepper Marinade tastes great with shrimp, chicken, fish, pork, beef, vegetables and more.


Dry Marinade Mild Buffalo Wing

Infuse bold flavors into your food with our dry marinade blends. Our Mild Buffalo Wing marinade tastes great with chicken, turkey, game birds and other poultry.


Gluten Free Rice Panko Breading

We created a pleasant coating using rice panko crumbs which are not only known for being gluten-free, but also provide a superior crisp coating to foods, especially when fried. Our lightly seasoned panko breading delivers a clean flavor and delicate crispness to fish, chicken, pork, vegetables and makes a wonderful topping for baked casseroles. You'll find it's a healthy and versatile option for many recipes. Give a delightful crunch to your favorite foods and enjoy the taste that is gluten-free.

Chicago Steakhouse Marinade Glaze

Give your meats steakhouse flavor with this robust marinade & glaze.  It's great for delicious beef dishes, but also try it with chicken, seafood or vegetables which can be grilled, broiled or baked.  Bring the steakhouse to your table!


BBQ Sauce Sweet Red Chili

Our Sweet Red Chili BBQ glaze is a great alternative to traditional hot sauces. It has a very distinct, sweet chili flavor made with the finest chilis blended with fresh garlic and rice wine vinegar.


Garlic Butter Herb Marinade Glaze

Keep it savory with this full-flavored marinade & glaze that you can use for chicken, seafood or vegetable dishes which can be grilled, broiled or baked.  A harmony of aromatic garlic and a variety of pleasant herbs, it's sure to satisfy your palette.


Carolina BBQ Sauce

When it comes to barbecue sauce recipes, mustard and vinegar is king in this part of the country. There's no ketchup allowed in this delicious and tangy Carolina barbecue sauce. Try this on pulled pork, chicken or corned beef.


Memphis BBQ Sauce

Memphis barbecue sauce is considered by many barbecue enthusiasts to be the best all-purpose barbecue sauce recipe. It has a great balance between hot, sweet and tangy. It's traditionally served with pork, but works fantastic with beef, chicken, or venison as well.


Beef Rub

A perfect mixture of spices including black pepper, red pepper flakes, onion and garlic. Give all your beef courses that bold flavor. This is a must to have in your kitchen!


Dry Marinade Italian Parmesan

Infuse bold flavors into your food with our dry marinade blends. Our Italian Parmesan Marinade tastes great on pork, chicken, fish or seafood.


Dry Marinade Door County Cherry

Infuse bold flavors into your food with our dry marinade blends. Our Door County Cherry Marinade tastes great on beef, pork, chicken, salmon or wild game.


Roasted Parmesan Garlic Seasoning

Roasted Parmesan & Garlic is a flavorful blend you will want to put on everything! Our culinary center came custom made this combination to attest any dish challenge. 


Carolina Reaper Pepper Ground

The Carolina Reaper (HP22B) is a cross bred chili pepper of the Capsicum chinense species that combines the characteristics of Ghost Chili Pepper and the Red Habanero Pepper. It's an awkward, wrinkled shape that is bright red in color and has been considered the hottest pepper, reaching a burning 1.57 million on the SHU (Scoville Scale). Use extreme discretion when cooking with this pepper. Very little is needed to achieve fiery pepper flavor.


Lil Harrys Famous Rib Rub

This rib rub has all the elements - sweet, spicy and smoky. A blend of sugar, salt, garlic, paprika, hickory smoked flavor and spices. There's a reason we refer to it as Lil' Harry's "famous" rib rub!

Java Steak Rub

Our Java Steak Rub combines natural smoke flavoring with mild hints of fine ground coffee.  This seasoning rub will perk up steaks, burgers and beef dishes.


Veggie Shake

Our Veggie Shake is a hearty mix of salt, garlic, onion, savory herbs and spices. It may say Veggie Shake on the label, but we assure you that this is a universal seasoning for vegetables, pastas, sauces and even a tasty meat rub.


Maple Bacon Shake

We all know bacon elevates any dish and we’ve created a seasoning for you to enjoy that same sweet smokiness, similar to the taste of maple bacon, on any foods. Our Maple Bacon Shake combines garlic and spices with the sweetness of maple, natural smoke and other natural flavors for making any dishes a little more delectable.


Sweet Bourbon Bacon Chipotle

We really intensified the meaning of flavor with this blend. Our Sweet Bourbon Chipotle Bacon Shake merges the enticing flavors of smooth bourbon whiskey with the bold intensity of chipotle peppers, various spices, smoky bacon flavor and the subtle sweetness of maple syrup. Create dishes exploding with flavor!


Original Breading Mix

Everyone's favorite, seasoned and ready to use. A traditional, mildly seasoned blend that is even great on vegetables! Great for frying chicken and fish. It's breading made easy!


Sweet Pecan Rub

Sweet Pecan Rub contains a subtle sweetness along with hints of butter, garlic and savory herbs. This is a seasoning blend you can get truly creative with. The flavors balance well with sweet dishes, as well as savory. 


Vegetable And Dill Dip Mix

Savor's Vegetable and Herb Dip Mix is a dry blend of dehydrated vegetables, dill and other herbs and spices that result in a flavors inspired by the fresh and vibrant foods that come from the garden. Dip in pretzels, chips, veggies or use on baked potatoes instead of plain sour cream.  We might make the mix, but you get to decide how to use it.


Spicy Breading Mix

For those of us who like a little more heat, we kicked it up a notch from the ordinary. This simple to use breading will leave your taste-buds flaming with just the right amount of spice. Try this on fish, chicken or breaded pork chops. Whatever your pleasure, spice it up!


Poultry Cure

A cure made especially for poultry with less sugar and less salt than our maple cure.  Poultry is porous and absorbs salt faster, so this cure will make the best tasting smoked turkey or chicken ever.


Tomato Bacon Basil Dip Mix

They say bacon goes well with everything and this dip is no exception.  A lively blend of tomato and basil essence with a mild hint of bacon. Blend as directed or try something different. Make as a dip for fresh veggies and snacks or mix with cream cheese for your very own bagel spread.  Who says you have to stop there? Try this as an enticing seasoning for side dishes, use it to make a flavor packed dressing for salads or to add some zing to your favorite recipes.

Delicious Recipes to try! 

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Chicken Waffle Sliders

Chicken Pot Pies

Grilled BBQ Chicken

Bacon Jalapeno Chicken Bombs

Chicken Zucchini Cabonara

Chicken Gnocchi Potato Soup

Easy Chicken Stir Fry

Honey Mustard Chicken Salad

Smokehouse BBQ Chicken

Sweet Pecan Chicken Salad

Tomato Bacon Basil Chicken

Buffalo Bacon Chicken Grilled Cheese

Honey Lime Chipotle Chicken Tacos

St. Louis BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Sweet Heat Bacon Chicken Bites

Grilled Texas BBQ Chicken Flat Bread

Marinated Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs

Strawberry Avocado Garlic Chicken Spinach Salad

Chicken Wings Buffalo Blue Cheese Celery Kabobs

Chipotle Lime Grilled Chicken With Strawberry Salsa 

Crispy Beer Chicken with Drunken Mushroom Gravy

Garlic Butter Herb Chicken Vegetable Sheet Pan

Gluten Free Crispy Oven Baked Buffalo Popcorn Chicken

Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Bratwurst

Sweet N Sour BB!Q Chicken Sandwich on a Pretzel Bun

Chipotle Lime Spring Rolls

Sweet Potato Asparagus Skillet

Bourbon Chipotle Wings With Sweet Chipotle Butter Glaze

Hawaiian Kabobs

Roasted Garlic Parmesan Spaghetti Squash Alfredo

Maple Bourbon Chipotle Slow-Cooker Wings with Ranch Peppercorn Dip

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